Whipped Beauty Butter

    Whipped Beauty Butter

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        ZaynahChantel products are all-natural products meaning unlike most products they are not petroleum/mineral oil based. Petroleum is derived from biodiesel and most companies put this in their products to dilute thier coco butters, Shea butters, and Lotions. This makes the product cheaper for them to make (even though is toxic to our endocrine system). My products do not have these harmful additives, they may be hard or congealed when shipped during cold weather. If this happens simply let thaw to room temperature (DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE OR BOIL). I warn weather it may arrive melted which could cause it to leak slightly. In this case you can put it in the fridge until it get to the consistency you like. 

      • Body
        • Moisturizes dry itchy skin
        • Reduces skin discomfort due to pregnancy or weight gain
        • Increases skin elasticity (which prevents stretch marks)
        • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
        • Softens skin and gives it a natural radiance and luster
        • Reduces the appearance of scars
          • You Will Need:
            • Beauty Butter
            • Hands


      • Apply an even layer all over body after shower or bath
        • Allow to absorb into skin for a few minutes before putting on clothes
      • If you have very dry skin then apply before bed and when you wake up in the morning, and make sure to focus on problem areas

      *Try with one of our Body Exfoliants for bright polished skin ! 

      Feet (Getting rid of dark toenails and hard feet)You will Need

      • A Deep plastic bowl to soak feet in
            • 1 cup of apple cider vinegar
            • 3 cups (or 1 ½ bottles) of water
            • Pumice Stone or any kind of foot exfoliator brush
            • 2 TBS of Salt
            • Large towel
            • Tea Tree Oil (Optional)
          • Warm water in a pot on medium heat for about 10 minutes
          • Take water off eye and pour into deep bowl
          • Add salt and apple cider vinegar
          • Place large towel on the floor, behind the bowl that you will be soaking your feet in
          • Once water cools to a comfortable temperature, place both feet in water for about 5 minutes
          • After 5 minutes take one foot out of water and exfoliate the heel, sole, and toes in a circular motion until you see the dead skin rub off and the foot feels and looks smooth
          • Repeat with the other foot
          • Place both feet back in mixture until the water gets cold
          • Repeat exfoliation process
          • Place feet back in mixture one last time to rinse the residue of dead skin off
          • Take feet out of mixture and let air dry on towel
          • Once dry, apply a generous amount of beauty butter to both feet (be sure to focus on heal toes)
          • Put 1-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil between each toe and 1 drop on each cuticle (Optional)- Kills and prevents fungus and infection
          • Gently rub oil into skin
          • Put on clean dry socks






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