All Sugar Body Exfoliants

    All Sugar Body Exfoliants

    What to Expect

    • This product is made up of natural butters and oils that solidify at room temperature
    • You should also expect crystallization of sugar on the top layer of your butter when you first open it, especially if it is shipped during the winter or in cold conditions. Let the product sit and get to room temperature in cases like this before you try to use it. In hot conditiond you may notice oil on the top layer of the exfoliant. If this happens simply stir product with your finger to even out mixture before use.

    How to use:

    • Get in shower or bath tub and dampen entire body with water
    • Next, If in shower; turn the shower head away from your body and begin rubbing the scrub on your body in a circular motion starting from your neck and continuing down towards your feet (don’t forget your under arms- Exfoliating prevents dark under arms)
      • If taking a bath; stand up in bath tub and exfoliate entire body in the same manor
    • Once you have exfoliated, turn the shower head back towards you and rinse the scrub off
      • If taking a bath; sit back down in tub and gently rinse off scrub with a saturated rag or simple lay down in the bath water and let the scrub melt away on its on
    • Once all rinse off, be sure to gently dab your body dry with a soft towel to prevent over drying the skin
    • Immediately after towel drying I recommend rubbing your body down with Beauty Butter to seal in the moisture
    • Enjoy!


    * Cleaning: Allow tub to dry then wipe up dried flowers or herbs that was in the scrub you purchased. If your exfoliant contains Turmeric use baking soda, Comet, or Soft Scrub to prevent staining.

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