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Face Exfoliants

 Uses: Face and Body



Best used in the shower. Dampen face first in the shower and then gently exfoliate your entire face with the scrub (focusing on your dry areas, dark spots, and T-Zone). You may let the scrub remain on your face until u are almost ready to get out of the shower (this gives your skin time to absorb the nutrients and antioxidants).

You may then rinse the scrub off your face using your hands and water only (using a cloth will wipe away all the moisturizing oils and over dry your face even if you naturally have oily skin).


The Turmeric Honey Exfoliant  can also be used to exfoliate the under arms, Bikini area, and legs prior to shaving (this prevents hair bumps).

The Green Tea + Lemon Exfoliant can be used on the chest, shoulders, and back to prevent body acne. 


* Be sure to clean tub with baking soda or your cleanser of choice immediately after using to avoid staining  


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