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    Operation Heal Flint

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        Unfortunately the people of Flint Michigan still do not have clean water. The city has failed it’s residents and I personally have seen many people still sufferings from the effects to this day. I have lost patches of hair and my eczema was exacerbated. I have family with high levels of lead in their bones. I’ve seen patients seek treatment in for legionnaires and skin lesions. The healthcare workers lack empathy and education on how to treat it. 

       People are bathing themselves and their children in it. People are drinking it because the water pods were shut down years ago. Flint is a very poor and poverty stricken city. Most cannot afford to buy bulk bottled water and shower filters every month. On top of that they still have to pay their water bill every month even though the water is contaminated.

        When a baby is born in flint they are not bathed in bottled water at the local hospitals. They are bathed in contaminated tap water. Even celebrities have donated cases of water but they were left to expire in abandoned buildings. President Obama even declared  it a state of emergency but never did anything to fix the crisis. 

        All of the galvanized pipes have not been replaced with pvc pipes, and many will never be replaced because of the pipes are in Native Burial Grounds. The problem is most of flint is Native Land. 

    Many healthcare workers and people who do not live in Flint do not belive that this is a serious issue. I am here to say that it is very serious and something needs to be done.

      I no longer live in Flint or in Michigan. I still hope to provide SpringWell Reverse Osmosis Home Filtration Systems for home owners. Each system cost $2,000 (depending on the size of the home). I am already saving %10 of all my profits from my business to help fund this. Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated.

    If you are a home owner in Flint Michigan and are in need of Home Filtration System please contact me at 



    Galvanized Pipes on Native Burial Grounds

    Water Pod Shut Down