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Green Tea & Milk Anti-Breakage Oil

Green Tea & Milk Anti-Breakage Oil

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For hair that needs extra care, our Green Tea & Milk Length Retaining Hair Oil is a great choice. Specially formulated to reduce breakage and maintain length, this oil is enriched with natural ingredients like green tea extract and milk protein for a nourishing effect. Add to your hair care routine for longer, healthier looking hair.

1.) Anti Breakage 

2.) Reduces Split ends

3.) Softens & Promotes Shine

4.) Promotes Long Healthy Hair


 Apply one dropper full to ends of straightened hair 1-2 times a week asw needed to prevent breakage. Do not use with heat, this is intended to use to hydrate the hair after styling.

Gomphrena Flower

Improves Blood Flow with promotes the growth of thick healthy strands

Coconut Milk

 Coconut milk is a natural fatty acid, which means it gives rich moisturization to your strands. Adding coconut milk to your hair care doesn't just restore your hair and scalp, it can also nourish and protect damage strands from breakage.

Green Tea

contains DHT-blockers which block the production of DHT, a compound that is responsible for hair fall and baldness. It also contains an antioxidant called EGCG which promotes hair growth.


Organic Safflower Oil, Green Tea, 

Fenugreek, Coconut Milk, 

Gomphrena Flower, and Fragrance Oil

1 oz


* not for children under the age of two 

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