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    Little Mermaid Scoopable Wax Melt

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    Our Scoopable Wax takes a new twist on wax melts. Simply scoop as much as you would like into your wax warmer, and enjoy the amazing aroma! Each jar is piped by hand to create a fun and unique presentation when you open it for the first time. 

    Our Little Mermaid Inspired wax melt has a Clean Ocean Breeze and Honeysuckle Scent perfect for the candle warmer in Your bedroom and bathroom !

    2 oz 

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    Non Toxic ?

    All products are free of Parabans, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, and Phthalate.

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    All orders are handmade and packed to be shipped in the order they are received.

    I try to process orders within 3-7 business days

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