Deep Conditioners (Soften and Untangle and Peaches and Cream Deep Conditioner)

    • Before getting into the shower, section off your hair into 4 sections
    • Sections by section; dampen each section and put a generous amount of conditioner on the scalp and hair
      • Gently finger detangle
      • Twist section
    • Repeat previous steps on each section
    • Place a shower cap or plastic bag of your hair
    • After 10-15 minutes take the two twist in the back of your head out of the clip and untwist the hair (Leaving the two front twist still in the clip)
    • Gently rinse the two back sections
    • Squeeze water out of hair with your hands
    • Apply an ample amount of Super Slip Leave in Conditioner; this defines curls and promotes shine (Optional) – Available on
    • Twist back two sections up again
    • Repeat on front two sections of hair
    • Get out of shower and take down twist
    • Style hair as desired!