Flawless Beauty Mask (For Dry Sensitive Skin)

    The Flawless Beauty Mask is one of my Holy Grail products that I use every day, twice a day faithfully. After suffering the harsh side effects of prescription acne medication, I needed an all-natural & gentle solution to help my skin bounce back and that is what inspired me to create this product. I have been using this product in combination with my Liquid Silk Face Moisturizer and the results are amazing! I no longer have to wear foundation or concealer!


    • Simply apply an even layer of the Flawless beauty mask on face & décolletage and let sit for 10-15 minutes
    • Gently rinse off with bottled or filtered water or a damp cloth( straight tap water is harsh on the skin)
      • Be sure remember to rinse from under the chin,  behind the neck, and behind the ears because the raw honey can leave a sticky residue
    • Apply a dime sized amount of Liquid Silk to entire face & décolletage
    • Repeat before bed and in the morning
      • If dealing with severe acne, consider cutting out foods that are high in hormones or that disturb hormone levels like chicken, beef, fork, dairy, and starchy/sugary foods
    • You are now on a journey to having silky smooth glowing skin!!- Enjoy