Whipped Beauty Butter

Whipped Beauty Butter

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What To Expect


    ZaynahChantel products are all-natural products meaning unlike most products they are not petroleum based like most toiletries and cosmetics. Petroleum is derived from biodiesel and most companies put this in their products (even though is it potentially deadly) to keep them from freezing. Since my products do not have these harmful additives, they may be hard or congealed when shipped during cold weather. If this happens simply let thaw to room temperature (DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE OR BOIL).

Temperature Warning:

These Whipped Butters are %100 natural and only made of high quality oils and butters. When being shipped during the Summer or to hot climates in general the product may melt or slightly leak. Many measures are taken to avoid this but we do not have control over weather conditions or how the mail carrier handles the package . Please put in refrigerator and let thicken to desired consistency then stir evenly if this happens. 

FYI: Most natural butters are thick and opaque at room temperature while they are clear/ and liquid at high temperatures. So, do not be startled if you notice a color or consistency change in your products.



Beauty Butter/Body Butter

Beauty Butter by ZaynahChantel is a universal product, refer to the following for ideas on how to use your product.

  • Natural Hair
    • Twist outs
    • Braid outs
    • Bantu Knots
    • Flexi Rod set
    • Perm Rod set
      • You will need:
        • 1 Wide tooth comb or Brush
        • Beauty Butter
        • 2 Large towels
      • Works best when applied to freshly co-washed or damp hair
      • Lay one large towel over around shoulders and the other on your lap to protect clothing from hair drippings
      • Part and section off hair
      • Use a wide tooth comb or wide brush to detangle hair starting from the ends and slowly brush or comb up to the scalp
      • Apply generously to scalp and throughout the section of hair
      • Twist, braid, or bantu knot each section (whichever you desire)


  • At this step if you are doing a Flexi or Perm rod set, just detangle hair with wide tooth comb or wide brush starting from the ends and gently working up to the scalp. Then smooth hair out with the middle and index finger of your dominant hand and wrap hair around flexi rod or perm rod.
  • Seal the end of the braid or twist with a dime size amount of beauty butter (Prevents split ends)-Omit this step when doing Flexi rod set or Perm rod set
  • Repeat sequence with each section throughout the whole head …1.)Detangle 2.)Apply butter to scalp & hair 3.) Braid, twist or Bantu knot hair 4.)Seal ends of hair with butter
  • Spray Ylang & Lime Hair Growth Scalp Mist on Scalp (Optional) - Available on zaynahchantel.com
  • Secure hair with White silk bonnet or scarf (Other color bonnets or scarves leach dye onto scalp and bed linen)
    • You may also sit under stationary dryer until hair is dry although letting hair air dry overnight yield the best results for twist outs/ braid outs/bantu knots/flexi rod/ perm rod sets
  • Once the hair is set and dry you may take down your twists/braids/rods
  • Gently separate it each coil; starting from the ends and slowly moving upwards
    • This creates volume and reduces frizz
  • Now you may style as desired!!
  • Straightened or Relaxed Hair
    • Disclaimer: if you straighten (On a day to day Basis) you simply do not want long hair. Such practices permanently damage the hair from the follicle all the way to the ends of the hair, making the hair weak, dry, and brittle, ultimately killing the follicle. The follicle is the heart of the hair, if the follicle is destroyed then hair cannot grow there ever again. Although some people have grown long hair with a relaxer, it is surely short lived. The combination of chemical side effects (Alopecia/thinning/loss) and natural hair loss and hair line regression due to age can be very devastating. To get your hair to its healthiest and strongest state you must treat it with care by avoiding harmful chemicals and over manipulation.
      • You will need:
        • Wide tooth comb
        • Beauty Butter
      • Stand up and bend over so that your face is facing your knees and your hair is hanging downward



  • Put a dime size amount of Beauty Butter in the palm of your hand
  • Rub hands together until the butter begins to melt
  • Gently glide ends of hair between both open palms to seal ends with Beauty Butter
  • Stand back upward and style hair as desired
  • You may also oil your scalp with this butter is you want to
  • Body
    • Moisturizes dry itchy skin
    • Reduces skin discomfort due to pregnancy or weight gain
    • Increases skin elasticity (which prevents stretch marks)
    • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
    • Softens skin and gives it a natural radiance and luster
    • Reduces the appearance of scars
      • You Will Need:
        • Beauty Butter
        • Hands


  • Apply an even layer all over body after shower or bath
    • Allow to absorb into skin for a few minutes before putting on clothes
  • If you have very dry skin then apply before bed and when you wake up in the morning, and make sure to focus on problem areas
  • Face
    • If you do not have a naturally oil face then this is perfect for you!
    • This moisturizes dry skin, even skin tone, increases elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and reduces the appearance of fatigue ( Because it contains GLA -Gamma Linolenic Acid- derived from Evening Primrose oil)
      • Evenly apply a dime size amount to (a clean) face and décolletage before bed and in the morning
    • Feet (Getting rid of dark toenails and hard feet)
      • You will Need
        • A Deep plastic bowl to soak feet in
        • 1 cup of apple cider vinegar
        • 3 cups (or 1 ½ bottles) of water
        • Pumice Stone or any kind of foot exfoliator brush
        • 2 TBS of Salt
        • Large towel
        • Tea Tree Oil (Optional)
      • Warm water in a pot on medium heat for about 10 minutes
      • Take water off eye and pour into deep bowl
      • Add salt and apple cider vinegar
      • Place large towel on the floor, behind the bowl that you will be soaking your feet in
      • Once water cools to a comfortable temperature, place both feet in water for about 5 minutes
      • After 5 minutes take one foot out of water and exfoliate the heel, sole, and toes in a circular motion until you see the dead skin rub off and the foot feels and looks smooth
      • Repeat with the other foot
      • Place both feet back in mixture until the water gets cold
      • Repeat exfoliation process
      • Place feet back in mixture one last time to rinse the residue of dead skin off
      • Take feet out of mixture and let air dry on towel
      • Once dry, apply a generous amount of beauty butter to both feet (be sure to focus on heal toes)
      • Put 1-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil between each toe and 1 drop on each cuticle (Optional)- Kills and prevents fungus and infection
      • Gently rub oil into skin
      • Put on clean dry socks