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Rose + Honey Perfume by Michael Maulul

Rose + Honey Perfume by Michael Maulul

Giá thông thường $120.00 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $120.00 USD
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3.4 oz 

Top Notes:
Strawberry Mara, Tangerine, Peach 

Middle Notes: Rose Petals, Cashmeran, Honey 

Base Notes: Vetiver Haiti, Amber Musk, White

Rose + Honey is alluring, mysterious, and powerful. You stride towards one of the private rooms at the club, separated by a lush, velvet curtain. You can still feel the music vibrating and you know he’s following you, unable to resist. The two of you have been playing this cat-and-mouse game the entire night: a subtle smile, a lingering gaze, a touch at the back of the neck. Like a honey bee drawn to a rose, he’s irresistibly drawn to the beauty and sweetness of life.

An irresistibly sweet, fruity opening of strawberry, mara, tangerine, and peach skin draws you in. Soft floral notes of rose petals, cashmeran, and honey np sensually embrace base notes of vetiver Haiti, amber musk, and white caramel.


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