About Zaynah



My name is Zaynah, owner of ZaynahChantel LLC. I opened ZaynahChantel online only a few months after graduating from Rochester College with my Bachelors of Science in 2015. I majored in Psychotherapy and Counseling but I’ve always had a love for natural products.

    From the food I eat to what I put on my skin I want it to be as natural as possible. I guess this stemmed from experiencing death (from cancer) so often at a young age as well as dealing with side effects of the contaminated water in Flint. I’ve also had my fair share of chemical damage from acne medication. As you can see there are numerous reasons I started a plant based Beauty Business.

I’ve developed quite a few natural remedies for common concerns in my community. Many Flint residents like myself have suffered from hair loss, skin lesions, and breakouts. My Hair Growth Line has helped myself and many others recover from hair loss and breakage. I later developed a successful skincare collection with custom products for each skin type. 

ZaynahChantel is continuing to grow in many ways. I strive to provide therapeutic skin and haircare products around the world.