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    All products are free of Parabans, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, and Phthalate. Each skin and hair care product is plant based. Every product and has a detailed ingredients list on its product page.

    Are we Black Owned ?

    Yes! I am a Black Woman and Flint Michigan native. %10 of all profits goes towards Operation Heal Flint a non profit initiative to provide clean water and free skincare products to Flint Michigan residents.

    •   My name is Zaynah and I opened ZaynahChantel in 2015 after being affected by the Fint Water Crisis and becoming aware of the harmful effects most lotions have on the endocrine system. Keeping in consideration my family history of Breast cancer I decided I needed to be proactive with my health. What makes ZaynahChantel products unique is that if I shut down my store today I would still make my products for myself and my family. My products are all that I trust because I have done the reasearch and testing to make sure they are safe and effective.

      Please email me at if you are a Flint resident in need of a home system water filter or suffer from skin lesions. %10 of All profits go towards Operation Heal Flint

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