Ylang & Lime –Hair Growth Scalp Mist

    Ylang & Lime –Hair Growth Scalp Mist

    This is my personal remedy that I created for hair loss. It is composed of Organic rose water and a special combination of pure essential oils to nourish and promote a fertile scalp. This is obviously a water based product so if you 

    wish to wear flat ironed hair or bone straight hair you should spray your scalp before starting the straightening process.

    Natural Hair

    • Part hair off in sections and spay on scalp
      • Repeat before bed and in the morning

          Straightened or Relaxed Hair

    • After co-washing hair, part and section off hair
    • Spray Ylang & Lime spray on each part
    • Blow-dry hair with comb and style as desired

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    Hey Zaynah!

    I received my package and my scalp was very irritated. I tried the spray and instant relief .

    Thank you for making fabulous products!

    Much love 💕