How to get rid of body odor ? 6 Tips

How to get rid of body odor ? 6 Tips

  It is natural for some people to have a more pungent body odor when they sweat. With this in mind, insecurities and paranoia can make way. "Do I stink all the time? Can they smell me? " Here are some tips I have to stop body odor in its tracks.

1.) Exfoliate. Most people do not exfoliate their face or body, let alone underarms. Exfoliating your under arms daily will remove deoderant build up and bacteria that causes odor. I would reccommend a scented sugar exfoliant . After using a clarifying body wash apply the exfoliant with your hands (no wash rag) and exfoliate in a circular motion. Then rinse thoughly with water. 

2.) Body Butter. Apply a body butter or body oil after your shower is very important. You want to do this before applying your deoderant or antiperspirant. It will not only prolong the aroma of your deoderant but it will help prevent dark under arms and build up. Dont forget to apply a scented body butter to the rest of your body as well. Body butters are very rich, so the fragrace last all day!

3.) Change wash towels DAILY. Reusing your wash cloth is a no-go if you have bad body odor. This is coming from first hand experience. Your body towels and wash rags hold that stinky bacteria. Also be sure to thoughly waash your clothes, I use Dawn Platnium  to prewash the underarms of our clothes. 

4.) Try Apple Cider Vinigar or Peppermint Castile Soap. These are both very clarifying soaps that activly fight odor causing bacteria. Use soaps that contain Tea Tree, Peppermint, or Oregano. These are bacteria and fungal fighting essential oils. Odor is caused by bateria and fungus. If you work out regularly you can contrtact these types of infections easily, so be sure to shower as soon as you can! I reccomend showering at the gym and again at home. As a prevenantive measure try showing with a anti dandruff shampoo at the gym then moisturising with a mixture of Coconut oil and Tea tree oil.

5.) Eating habits. Drink plenty of water and try changing what you eat! Take out certain foods like red meat, anions, garlic, and starchy foods.

6.) Talk to your doctor. Body odor can be an indication of an underlying health condition or it can be a side effect of one of your medications. It’s a good idea to discuss these possibilities with your primary doctor if you have tried everything else.

Hope these tips help!

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