No one takes PCOS seriously - DIY PCOS Tea

No one takes PCOS seriously - DIY PCOS Tea

    I have come to the conclusion that no one cares about PCOS as much as people who has PCOS. Its so hard to explain what it is like. Constant pain to the point where you cant sit still or move around. Pain that creates anxiety during intimacy. Pain that interferes with everyday task and work life. Ups and down in mood swings and weight gain/loss. Insecurities from the stretch marks and random facial hair it leaves behind. 

    I haven't even been able to get properly diagnosed with PCOS because doctors do not see it as more than regular period symptoms. I have even passed out from pain in a public bathroom and rushed to ER just to be left for 8 hours and discharged with papers diagnosing me with menstrual cramps and constipation. They also had the nerve to send me home with a prescription for OTC laxative even though the resident doctor palpated my stomach and insisted that I was not constipated. 

    Since I was in college at this time I followed up with the doctor on campus and she seemed more compassionate and put me on birth control. I had been put on BC as a preteen to regulate my period with little success but I went along with it anyway. I stayed on the BC for about two years even though it kept me constantly nauseous and vomiting. I have had ultra sounds and  unexplained bleeding (I believe from cyst popping). I have finally become done with relying on doctors to help me.

I have researched various herbs that are known to help treat PCOS and ran trials with women who have PCOS. I created a tea and instructed them to drink the tea every night before bed after their period. I conducted a pre-treatment survey and a post treatment survey to validate the teas effectiveness. 

Pre-treatment %67 the women reported Moderate Menstrual pain. Majority of them reported having a heavy flow most of their period except for one person who only reported having a heavy flow the first day. None of the women currently take birth control. %67 of the participants experience painful intercourse.  67% get pimples and hyperpigmentation and 100% have unwanted facial hair and body hair related to PCOS. Most of the women had never been checked or diagnosed with hypo/hyperthyroidism. Also majority of the participants reported feeling depressed/sad daily. 

    With all of that being said, you would think that PCOS would be more of a concern of healthcare professionals than it is. Fortunately the Tea I formulated yielded positive results for these women and myself. %100 of the participants felt more relaxed and calm after drinking the tea. Most importantly all but one participant noticed a significant decrease in menstrual cramps. This was only a 14 day trial so it was not long enough to study weight loss effects but these herbs are known to regulate body weight. 


400 MG Evening Primrose Powder - Fertility/Eczema/Breast Pain

300 Mg Ashwaganda Powder -Weight Loss

400 Mg Slipper Elm Powder -Vaginal Dryness and discomfort

250 Mg Tribulus Powder - Fertility

450 Mg Maca Powder - Increase Libido decrease Depression

Dried Cashew Apples

Wolf Berries

Dried Peaches -Weightloss

Dried Pineapple

* Interactions: Anticoagulants (Aspirin, Plavix, Advil, Motrin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Heparin, and Warfarin) Phenotiasines (Schisophrenia, Bipolar, and other Psychotrophic medication)

*Talk to doctor before taking

*Do not take if having surgery

Take once daily after dinner or before bed with food (may cause drowsiness)

Steep in 4 oz of warm water and drink 8 ounces of water after

I hope this helps someone else out there suffering with PCOS

 Try it and let me know if it helps you <3

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