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Citizen Jack (Unisex) Parfum by Michael Malul

Citizen Jack (Unisex) Parfum by Michael Malul

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Citizen Jack Parfum is timeless and enduring…a fragrance meant to make the ultimate statement of luxury. Every event is marked by the arrival of this person whose looks, style, and the scent always leave a lasting impression. Whispers amongst the crowd about their wealth, from luxury sportscars to designer watches to vintage coin collections, grow more outlandish by the hour. They smile cheekily as they move toward the bar, ready to order their first bourbon of the night. 

Top Notes: Mediterranean Bergamot, Melon, Mandarin Leaves, Waterlily

Mid notes: Clary sage, amber woods, and violet leaves draw you in closer before drying

Bottom Notes: unforgettable blend of vetiver root, tonka bean, musk, and sandalwood

Size: 3.4 fl oz


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