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Pistachio Dream Cake Beauty Butter

Pistachio Dream Cake Beauty Butter

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 Fresh Coconut

Vanilla Musk 

Pistachio Buttercream

Whipped Cinnamon Honey 


✨Improves Elasticity and prevents/ lightens stretch marks 

✨Makes lotion and body scrubs last longer by sealing in  moisture and creating a smooth permeable surface

✨Prevents drying/flaking caused by eczema and psoriasis

✨Prevents body odor by creating a decadent lipid based barrier formulated to seal in freshness for natural long lasting odor control 

Skin Directions: Massage directly to clean damp skin in a circular motion 1-2 times daily. For long lasting projection try it with our Pistachio Dream Cake Body Spray

Hair Directions: Apply directly to clean damp hair after deep conditioning and detangling. Repeat this weekly or as needed.

Your skin will thank you! ✨💕

Ingredients: Raw African Shea Butter, Coconut, Castor Oil ,Tamanu Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, and Fragrance oil

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